Welcome to St. Stephen’s House of London. If you have had a long struggle with alcohol and/or drug addiction, we can offer you comfort and refuge while working through these challenges. We are a home for men and women who are currently in many different stages of recovery.
If you are interested in donating, please E-Transfer ststephenshouselondon@gmail.com. A charitable tax receipt will be issued upon request.

Our Story

St. Stephen’s House of London is the only Long Term Recovery Home for alcoholics and addicts in the London area. We have no fixed term for resident recovery. Residents stay as long as assistance is required.


Our Program

Our Program provides a safe, secure, family-oriented environment, where residents must immerse themselves in self-help programs.



The Home

The St. Stephen’s House of London’s recovery program is based in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous plus self-help groups.




Since the opening of St. Stephen’s House of London, in 1983, hundreds of our graduates have achieved success. Many alumni are among our 40 regular volunteers, who are largely responsible for keeping the house running.


The only thing I felt any passion for was my work and my drink. My passion for work was fading...Living at St. Stephen’s House gave me the strength and support to pursue the relationship, and eventually connect with my sons. Today, I have a relationship with those sons. I have found my rightful place in society and have transitioned back to work.

Roger D.St. Stephen's House Alumni,

Although I was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I could only manage to stay sober for periods of time...What I realized was that I missed the third piece of the triangle of recovery: service. I needed to give back...For the last 19 years I have been involved with St. Stephen’s House of London, volunteering, and fundraising.

Kevin D.St. Stephen's House Alumni,

Almost ten years ago, I was a desperate man suffering in an abyss of punishing alcoholism. I had lost everything...Through the hope, sense of community, and support found at St. Stephen’s House, I now live a sober life, one day at a time.

Tom McG.St. Stephen's House Alumni,

When I arrived at the doors of St. Stephen’s House, after many, many years of alcohol and drug abuse, I was a completely broken man, devoid of any self-worth, self-esteem, or self-confidence...To this day because of what I learned and experienced in St.Stephen’s House, and with enormous gratitude, I am now able to carry on a living amends with my family. I continue this wonderful life of sobriety afforded to me by my St. Stephen’s experience.

Anthony S.St. Stephen's House Alumni,